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    Dress Your Pup in Style with Fashionable Puppy Clothes

    Dress Your Pup in Style with Fashionable Puppy Clothes

    In this age of social media, a majority of people prefer posting pictures of their pets rather than themselves. If you have a cute pup in the house, you probably want to populate your Facebook and Instagram feed with adorable photos of him/her just going around the house. You can take this to the next level by investing in puppy clothes. You can find a range of clothes for puppies online, allowing you to browse different colors and designs from the comfort of your home. Moreover, the top sites also provide a sizing chart, enabling you to pick clothes for your pup without the risk of them not fitting.

    Different Designs and Colors

    Up until a few years ago, the trend of doggy clothes remained fairly niche. You really had to browse through entire stores in order to find something that fits your pooch. Today, the situation is different, where you only need to go online to find puppy clothes in a variety of designs and colors. In fact, the range of options available to you might astound you. After all, the mere idea of buying clothes for your puppy seemed outlandish not too long back. You can even go ahead and build a wardrobe for your puppy, dressing him/her for different occasions and seasons, creating a buzz on social media.

    Protect Your Pup’s Skin

    Young pups are especially vulnerable to developing skin conditions, more so if you regularly take them outdoors. You can protect your pup’s skin by buying clothes for him/her. This way, not only will your dog stay cozy and warm at all times, but you also do not have to worry about his skin at risk of allergies. In most situations, pups with skin allergies cannot go out of the house. At the same time, your puppy will look adorable and cute at all times. Thankfully, modern puppy clothes comprise of materials that prevent infections and allergies.

    Keep the Cold Out

    Dogs, regardless of their ages, tend to feel cold. If you live in an area with a cold climate, normal sweaters and hoodies alone might not do the trick. You can get creative and at the same time, keep your dog safe from the harsh weather by investing in quality clothes. You might even find clothes based on the holiday season, making them appropriate for Christmastime and beyond, when the weather turns especially chilly.

    So, there you have it, the lowdown on puppy clothes, and how you can make your pup canine look fashionable and stylish!

    Finding the Best Dog Clothes

    Finding the Best Dog Clothes

    There are a number of considerations you need to make when picking out clothes for yourself. However, the confusion can increase if you have to buy clothes for your pet pooch. Over the years, the variety of dog clothes available on the market increased significantly. You will find many options in terms of colors, designs, and sizes. In other words, you can easily find clothes that fit your dog snuggly. Yet, you need to pick the right clothes for your canine. Here are a few tips you can follow:

    What Does Your Dog Like?

    The foremost factor you need to consider when picking out dog clothes is your dog’s comfort. After all, if your dog does not like wearing the clothes you pick out, your effort will be in vain. There are some types of clothes that generally make dogs feel uncomfortable. For instance, your dog might like baggy clothes but not fitted clothes. Moreover, clothes with accessories and attachments can prove a source of distraction for your dog, and even cause irritation. Therefore, you need to have a clear idea of your dog’s preferences before you start buying clothes for him/her.

    The Right Size

    Sizing is a common issue when buying clothes for anyone. You might end up with clothes that are either too big or too small. Thankfully, you can find sizing charts on the leading sites that offer dog clothes. This will allow you to make an accurate measurement on the spot. Since you are picking out clothes online, you will have to measure your dog every time. You might feel this is a hassle, but you can conveniently pick out clothes once you are sure about the size.


    You will find a number of cute pieces when you go out to buy clothes for your dog. In fact, you might even think that you should buy every piece of clothing you come across. That said, you need to pick out clothes that suit your dog’s personality. Your dog will look adorable in the clothes you pick, but only if you keep his/her personality in mind when selecting the clothes.

    Now, you might feel that picking out clothes for your dog seems like too much work. A majority of dogs around the world go through their lives without ever wearing clothes. So, there might be the temptation to skip buying dog clothes altogether. You can make things easier for yourself by having your dog look at the clothes. Simply order the pieces that he/she reacts to. In other words, have your dog pick out his/her clothes.

    4 Reasons to Buy a Dog Bed for Your Best Friend

    4 Reasons to Buy a Dog Bed for Your Best Friend

    Does your dog sleep on the floor in his/her spot every night? Perhaps, if the weather gets too cold, your pet pooch might climb into bed with you. Now, a majority of dog owners assume that their dog is showing affection by lying down with them. However, over time, you will realize that this is not the case at all. The reason your pet likes to lie with you on your bed is because a bed is the most comfortable place to sleep in your home. In other words, if you start browsing dog beds and pick out one for your dog, he/she might stop getting into your bed.

    But, is that the only reason why you should buy a dog bed for your pet? Here are a few reasons you should go ahead:

    1.     Keep Behavioral Issues at Bay

    As mentioned above, your dog loves your bed because it is more comfortable than sleeping on a rug or in a basket. With time, your dog might develop a sense of ownership for the bed. There might come a time when he/she starts pushing you to the side, and might even push you off the bed. Sooner or later, you might face anger from your pet, who wants to take over the bed. You can preempt this problem entirely by investing in a dog bed.

    2.     Improve Your Dog’s Attitude

    Forgo the conventional ideas when it comes to dog beds. Do not have your dog sleep on an old blanket on the floor, or maybe pillows that are out of shape. Buying a bed for your dog can solve this problem once and for all. Your dog will not cause commotion all over the place, if he/she has a specific place for sleeping whenever he/she wants.

    3.     Boost Your Dog’s Health

    Sleeping on a comfortable bed is the healthy option for sure. If your dog is aging, his/her joints get weak and he/she might experience pain by sleeping on the floor. Moreover, your dog’s posture remains proper when he/she sleeps on a bed. Also, you don’t want your best friend sleeping on the cold floor during the winter, do you?

    4.     Protect Your Dog from the Weather

    Regardless of whether the temperature rises or falls significantly, the floor can get too cold or hot to sleep on. Keep your dog safe from the harsh climate by providing him/her a bed to sleep on. Moreover, with the variety of dog beds available on the market, you can conveniently buy one for your pet.

    So, as you can see, there are several reasons why you should buy a bed for your dog. You can find a range of dog beds online that you can select from.

    Things to Look For In A Dog Harness

    Dog Harness

    Buying a dog harness is perhaps one of the most confusing things for dog owners. Dog owners have a lot of problems selecting the right harness for their dog. At times they end up selecting the incorrect size. In some cases, the harness is too uncomfortable for the dog to wear. Therefore, there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind when buying a harness for your dog. These things will ensure that the harness is comfortable and durable as well:

    Size Of the Harness

    The sizing charts for all harnesses are not the same. It entirely depends on the type of harness you are buying. You may have measured your dog for a different type of harness. But if the second design is different, be sure to measure your dog once again. Some harnesses focus too much on your dog’s chest, while others may focus on his neck. Many websites that sell harnesses provide instructions to measure your dog. But if a sizing chart is not available, then it is best to not order from that website.

    Comfortable Material

    Harnesses are available in various materials. If your dog has a sensitive fur, then you should avoid going for the leather harness. These harnesses look great, but they could irritate your dog’s skin. For dogs with sensitive skin, it is best to stick to a padded nylon harness. This type of dog harness has many colors and designs. So, not only are nylon harnesses comfortable, but you get a lot more designs and colors to choose from.

    Purpose of The Harness

    It is extremely important to buy a harness considering your dog’s activity. There are many types of harnesses out there. Some are specifically meant for walks, while others are meant for heavy exercises and pulling. It is important to select the right harness or it may not last long or it may be too heavy for your dog.

    If you require a harness for walks and just to go around with your dog, then you should select a lighter material. The lighter material is durable enough for normal walks. But if your dog is active, then you need a heavier harness. Many dog owners end up buying a heavier harness, but that is practically overkill. These harnesses may last a long time, but they are too heavy and uncomfortable for the dog.

    Dog harnesses are meant to make your dog comfortable during walks. Therefore, it is best to do your research before investing in a dog harness. Rest assured, these tips will help you select the best harness for your dog.

    Selecting the Right Clothes For Your Puppy

    puppy clothes

    Buying puppy clothes is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for dog owners. There are so many colors and designs to choose from and so much to consider. There are a few things that you absolutely need to keep in mind when selecting clothes for your puppy. Let’s look at how you can go about selecting the right clothes for your puppy:


    The first thing that you should look for when buying clothes for your puppy is comfort. Puppies have sensitive skin and soft fur. Therefore, you should look for puppy friendly materials. When buying clothes for your puppy you should not concentrate too much on the cost. Of course, you cannot spend excessively, but you should set a moderate budget. Many cheap puppy clothes use inferior quality materials. These materials could be harmful for the sensitive skin of your puppy. In essence, you may look for cost effective options, but only if they do not compromise on quality.

    Easy to Wash

    Puppies can be quite messy. They will spill food here and there. Also, at times they could have accidents. This is another thing that you should keep in mind. So, when selecting clothes for your puppy, make sure they are easy to wash. This way, if the puppy does end up having an accident or spilling food, you will not have to buy new clothes. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should invest in multiple clothes.

    This way, if one set of clothing is in the washer, you can always put on the alternate clothes on him. This will be really helpful during the winter months. Another reason you should invest in easy to clean clothes is so you do not have to use a harsh detergent. Hard detergents could irritate your puppy’s skin. But with easy to wash clothing, you can use a mild detergent and clean them.

    Size Of The Clothing

    Puppies can be extremely clumsy. They also often make their way into areas they should not go due to their adventurous nature. Therefore, you should make sure that the clothing you buy are just the right fit. Many dog owners invest in loose clothing so that they may fit even once the puppy is slightly older. But this could end up hurting your puppy. They could trip over the clothing or the clothes could get caught up somewhere. So, carefully measure your puppy and invest in clothes that are exactly his size.

    Now that you know how you can select the right puppy clothes, it should be easier for you. Just be sure to follow these tips down to the last detail and you should be good to go.