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    Should I Groom My Dog in the Summer?

    Should I Groom My Dog in the Summer?

    Just like how we are concerned to give ourselves a fine cut to stay cool in summer, similarly, dog owners also wonder the same question. However, the answer isn’t as simple as it sounds due to various factors like your dog’s breed, environment, etc. which are required to be considered.

    It is important because you do not want to disturb your pet’s natural cooling system, therefore, a professional dog groomer is required to do the job. Giving your pet a summer cut doesn’t mean they can never enjoy the trendiest dog style clothing and related accessories, but health should be taken as utmost priority in all cases first.

    This is what you need to know before giving your dog a summer cut.

    The benefits of a summer groom

    Dogs have a highly active body mechanism to keep them cool such as panting, sweating, and shedding, but they’re more at risk of overheating than humans. Overheating can easily escalate to sometimes fatal conditions such as a heat stroke, which is much more serious than we think.

    Hence, it is vital to keep your pup cool in the sweltering heat months as much as possible.

    As we know that the dog coat acts as a protective fur from harsh winters, but it becomes exactly opposite in the summer by keeping the heat trapped beneath the skin. Especially important for breeds with natural heavy, thick coats, a proper grooming helps them release heat according to their temperature and surrounding environment.

    Shave or not to shave?

    By grooming we never mean to shave your dog entirely. Remember, dogs have evolved to have a coat as part of their body ecosystem and removing the coat can put their health and system at serious risk.

    The multiple layers of fur on your dog help them keep away harmful UV rays, allowing them to stay cooler.

    Try to step in your dog’s shoes by imagining how it would feel to shave yourself from head to toe and start walking naked in the streets in hot summers. Apparently, a highly discomforting thought.

    The case with dogs is no different. Without their coat, they are more prone to overheating, skin cancer, and sunburns.

    Double-coated breeds such as huskies, retrievers, etc. should never have a shave down to the undercoat. Field experts suggest that a certain level cut is okay, but avoid shaving to the undercoat as it potentially affects hair growth afterwards.

    Which breeds needs a summer groom?

    Every breed is unique, and so are their grooming needs according to their coats. It is often mistakenly believed that certain breeds never shed at all, but it’s true that some breeds have a lengthier growing cycle with respect to others.

    Hypoallergenic breeds like poodles, doodles, etc. have fine, long hair that keeps their undercoat from falling off their skin. While Saint Bernards and Bernese Mountain breeds are bred for harsh winters, therefore, their thick, heavy furs are unsurprising. Yorkies require regular grooming, in other words, they prefer a deeper cut in the summer.

    How Dogs Name You as their Favorite?

    How Dogs Name You as their Favorite?

    Every owner wants to be his dog’s favorite. What dogs really look forward to is the socialization, positive association, attention, and personality traits before naming you as his/her favorite. This is where we learn more about what it takes to become the most favorite person for your furry friend.

    Often we see that not every dog owner is the best person for his dog, but any other family member might acquire that status, even if that person was not the one who raised, fed, and nurtured him. In other words, being a dog owner doesn’t necessarily make you his primary caregiver.

    Yes, every breed is different, but there are some general principles that matters on how dogs select their best person.

    Socialization matters

    Most dogs create the strongest bonds with whoever looks after them during the vital socialization phase, i.e., from birth to the first six months. In this phase the pups are quite receptive in nature, and the social experiences built during this phase sets the tone for the rest of their lives.

    This is why dog owners are advised to create and facilitate positive interactions for their pets with respect to people, things, and places.

    For example, dogs who aren’t exposed to other dogs wearing stylish dog jumpsuits will perceive them as unusual and somewhat annoying later in life. In case you purchase or adopt a dog who is more than 6 months old, you’ll struggle to understand his socialization experiences ingrained in his brain.

    However, if you see than that the dog is more comfortable around men with certain character, voice tone, and overall vibes, you can conclude what you need to do to lure the dog’s attention to you.

    Attention enhances the bond

    Not being the primary caregiver doesn’t mean that your dog will never be truly yours, but a proper attention to your pet is a strong bond builder, just like how we humans operate.

    In short, dogs will bond more strongly the more attention you’ll give to him.

    For example, it’ll be easier for you to become your pet’s favorite person if you fill his bowl with food and take him out for a short walk every morning.

    Furthermore, physical affection cements the bond between you and your pet. If you are a stand-off type person towards a dog, expect the same reaction from the dog as well. But if you give your dog plenty of massage and grooming sessions, feed personally, shower with hugs, etc., they’ll likely crave for more.

    Positive association is vital

    Besides attention, dogs prefer people with on positive associations. Putting it simply, if you’re a person of positive sources and associations, your dog is inclined to form a powerful bond with you.

    From various other activities apart, feeding them with your own hand makes you a noticeable significance in their lives.

    On the other hand, any dog will react rather distressingly and half-heartedly to people displaying bad or unhealthy associations.

    5 Questions to Ask before Keeping Your Dog’s Collar On at Night

    5 Questions to Ask before Keeping Your Dog’s Collar On at Night

    Many dog owners are often bothered by the questions that how long they should keep the collar on their pet, in which cases they should take it off, and so on. It is important to know that there is no definite answer to these questions.

    The answer changes with your dog’s breed, size, body type, environment, personality, and location. This takes to one big question, “Should I leave the collar on all day?”

    Apparently, there are various situations in which you’ll prefer your dog to wear the collar. Remember, collar is not the same as various dog swag clothes. Therefore, here are some major considerations you need to ask yourself if it is wise to keep the collar on or not.

    Is the collar harmful for your dog’s safety?

    Understand the dog’s environment and how he interacts with it. In case your dog spends most of his time playing outside, there is a high chance of him getting stuck in branches and fences. It is commonly seen that dogs that spend their most time outside are quite excited in nature and try to jump over fences. This is particularly dangerous when they have collar on, however, you can replace it with a harness which is less dangerous. Harnesses are less threatening and you can also attach identification to it.

    Is the collar material allergic to your dog?

    Another important thing to consider if your pup’s skin is sensitive to some particular material. Try to purchase a top-quality collar made out of hypoallergenic material. If you notice that your dog is displaying irritation after wearing a collar for a long time, take it off and wait for the condition to diminish. If the irritation is still there after wearing a hypoallergenic collar, think about removing the collar for good as your pup’s skin is too delicate.

    Does the collar affects your dog’s sleep?

    If your dog becomes restless while resting or sleeping, obviously it means the collar is not comfortable. How about a collar with a narrower band? Or leaving out the collar altogether at night.

    Is the collar even needed?

    If you’re struggling to tempt your dog into wearing a collar with consent, you might need to think twice if the collar is even required. If you see that your dog has a habit of getting lost often, then a collar with a clear ID is necessary. However, if your dog is more of an introvert, staying-home kind of pet, then ask if the accessory is even required.

    How to choose the right collar?

    Finally, if you’ve decided that your furry friend does need a collar, now see how to select the right collar according to the different aspects we stated in the beginning. Consult top online sources or other dog owners to learn which brands are available in the market.

    Remember, the idea is to select a collar that doesn’t hamper the quality of life for your pet in any way possible.

    Yes, People Love Buying Swag Dog Clothes!

    Yes, People Love Buying Swag Dog Clothes!

    Many people wonder if pet owners actually buy clothes for their pet canines! Well, the answer is yes, they do. The concept of buying clothing for dogs is catching on, so much so that you can conveniently find swag dog clothes. You can dress your pet pooch up in something more than a sweater. The cold weather shouldn’t be the only reason why you put your dog in an outfit. That said, not every dog owner has a clear idea of the type of clothes that will suit their dog. Therefore, you might need some fashion advice for making your pet pooch the next Instagram star!

    First things first, you need to understand that swag dog clothes go beyond winter coats and sweaters. Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to silly costumes and dresses that make your dog look adorably cute. Judging from the fact that people can easily select the right clothes for themselves, you might assume that picking clothes for your dog can be a breeze. Well, this might not always be the case. Firstly, you have to consider a few factors. The thickness of your dog’s coat is the first thing you need to keep in mind.

    For instance, if your dog has a thick coat, the last you want is to dress him/her up in heavy clothes. The layering system on their skin protects them from adverse weather. Regardless, you can play dress up with your pet for a little while, but not make them wear clothes that might be uncomfortable or stuffy. This factor is particularly important for Shih Tzu owners. Other breeds where putting on heavy clothes can be irksome include the Cairn terrier. On the other hand, breeds with thin coats, or few layers of hair can definitely do with some added protection, which you can ensure with swag dog clothes.

    Yet, protection from weather is not the reason why you want to add some swag to your dog’s appearance, right? The purpose of swag dog clothes is to make your dog look adorable and attractive. Your dog will cherish the attention he/she receives from you as well as other people in your social circle. Not to forget, you can make your dog the next star on Instagram. Showcase your pet pooch in pictures and videos, and use the right hashtags. Surely, when you see the adoration your dog receives, you will realize why people like buying swag dog apparel for their pets!


    Dog Style Clothing: Why You Should Get Designer Wear for Your Dog

    Dog Style Clothing: Why You Should Get Designer Wear for Your Dog

    Who among us doesn’t love designer wear? People flock to the top brands to jazz up their wardrobes. You can keep pace with the top fashion trends and take your attire to the next level. Well, why should you stop at yourself? Your pet pooch deserves his/her share of saw. Dog style clothing gives you the option to dress up your dog, for special occasions or just for fun. The great thing is that you don’t have to break the bank to afford stylish clothing for your dog. You can find beautiful designs that amp up your dog’s swag level at a price point that suits your budget.

    But, you might wonder why you should browse websites or catalogs to pick out clothes for your dog. After all, it’s not as if your pooch is going to provide you feedback regarding the choice of color or fabric. That said, there are some reasons why you should consider the option of dog style clothing:

    Your Pet Will Look Adorable

    There is no doubt that you love your dog to death. In fact, over time, some people develop separation anxiety, similar to their pets. You will definitely feel that your dog is the cutest in the world. But, wait till you put your dog in a stylish outfit. The adorableness and cuteness just goes to another level, and you will feel great.

    Dress Your Pet for Any Occasion

    You can pair your outfit with your dog’s clothes for special occasions. For instance, both of you can wear outfits of the same color and design on Halloween. Not to mention, dogs look incredibly adorable when dressed in Christmas-themed clothing. All you need to do is browse the dog style clothing on offer and pick the pieces you feel will suit your dog the best.

    Of course, you do need to consider a few factors when selecting clothes for your dog. For one, you have to be careful about the size. The clothes should be comfortable and adjustable, allowing your dog to move around freely and without discomfort. Also, make sure the fabric the clothes comprise of is suitable for your dog’s skin and coat. The last thing you want is to have a dog dealing with allergies.

    So, the bottom-line is that you should not hesitate to buy dog style clothing. With a variety of choices available, you can definitely find an outfit that suits your pet pooch perfectly!